January 12, 2022

Respecting The Land

Sonia Thompson

Lake|Flato Architects believe first and foremost that architecture should be rooted in its particular place, responding in a meaningful way to the natural or built environment. That concept is explored and beautifully photographed in a new book titled "Lake|Flato Houses: Respecting The Land" (Rizzoli, November 2021).

Lake|Flato is responsible for Splinter Creek's original master plan and architectural vision. The firm also designed Splinter Creek's first residence – the Boathouse.

The match was an ideal fit. Splinter Creek is a sanctuary for like-minded individuals and families who cherish meaningful experiences, and who long to preserve and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Lake|Flato creates unique living environments that possess a compelling authenticity and beauty by exploring the intimate relationship between family, place, and building,

“We think holistically about the land. So it’s not just as simple as, ‘Let’s figure out how to design one house,’” Lake Flato founder Ted Flato says. “It’s ‘What should the land be? And where should a house go?’ That was the beginning of how we started to think more comprehensively about their place.”

Flato's thinking helped shape the property into what Splinter Creek is today: 650 acres of unspoiled natural common areas and a preserve of pristine lakes, forests, wetlands and trails.

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