Our Story

A Place With Purpose.
A Vision For Better.

Splinter Creek’s owners originally purchased the property as a timber investment. When their first harvest unveiled the beauty and character of the land, the couple exchanged their initial plans for time spent exploring the forests and meadows of Splinter Creek, and have spent more than a decade building an intimate connection with the land.

After building their own waterfront residence, their experience led them to seek out a unique set of collaborators who could realize a greater vision to restore and enhance the property through nature and design for family, friends and all.

Our Principles

As a model of environmentally sensitive and sustainable design, the Splinter Creek property encourages residents to build lightly with the land, leaving traces only worth preserving — for family, friends and all.


Respect the past, embrace the present, cultivate the future.


Live and build with the land. Leave only traces worth preserving.


Embrace uncommon, meaningful experiences that stir the soul.


Create with a quality and an aesthetic that will last forever.


Let nature lead because everything starts, ends and is enveloped by her.


Consider community impact — at Splinter Creek and beyond


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