August 30, 2023

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Sonia Thompson

Labor Day weekend may be the unofficial end of summer, but at Splinter Creek, it marks an annual beginning. A return to perfect porch weather, an opportunity to take the boat out more often, and a continuation of spending time outdoors, if in a slightly different way.

This long, lazy weekend at Splinter Creek, we plan to take a hike. September is one of the best months (although they're all pretty great, to be honest), for hiking in north Mississippi and boasts milder temperatures with plenty of sunshine. With more than 400 acres set aside as a nature preserve, residents may find over 350 different species of wildlife roaming our trails.

We'll hope for some clear skies to witness the Super Blue Moon, a rare celestial event in which the moon will appear 15 percent larger than a regular full moon, and with various particles refracting the light, also appear slightly blue.

We might forage for mushrooms, which is, according University of Mississippi biology professor Jason Hoeskema, "a great way to enjoy getting outside — alone, with a friend, with kids, with your dog — for exercise, relaxation, or stimulation. It is a real, wild treasure hunt, and the prize is something beautiful to observe and maybe delicious to eat."

We'll definitely be in the water that our three spring-fed lakes offer our community, whether that comes in the form of boating, swimming, fishing or all of the above.

Above all else, we'll be spending time with family and friends, something long holiday weekends at Splinter Creek were absolutely made to do. What will you enjoy this holiday weekend? We can't wait to hear and to see you on the property!

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