May 13, 2020

A Change of Scenery

Sonia Thompson

Last week we brought you stories of several guests who have come to enjoy Splinter Creek while coronavirus quarantine measures have been in place. This week, we're sharing one more, an essay from friend of the property Michael Addison. We're glad they came to visit for a much-needed change of scenery, and we invite you to do the same.

Michael Addison, his family, and some family friends visiting the Splinter Creek community porch during quarantine.

When talks of sheltering at home began in March, we identified our quarantine family friends right away. As a group of seven, we hit the pavement for daily afternoon bike rides through our neighborhood, have enjoyed a host of physically distant backyard dinners, and even celebrated a milestone birthday for my wife.

As much as we’ve appreciated our time at home, a change of scenery was needed. I reached out to Splinter Creek and asked if our two families could schedule a visit. With three daughters between our two families, we share a love for time outdoors and the beauty nature provides.

With three daughters between two families, some time outdoors was welcome.

We packed a picnic lunch, and were warmly welcomed at Splinter Creek. A rusted metal gate and stacked stone wall melded seamlessly with the pine forest backdrop, and set the stage for nature’s hospitality, with a meticulously maintained clearing in the trees inviting us in.

Our first stop was the community porch. Wrapped 180 degrees in water, our families took a deep breath in, relaxed into the most welcoming Adirondack chairs, and enjoyed our food, fellowship, and a glorious, serene view.

Exploring Splinter Creek meadows, woods, and trails.

Following lunch, we started down the various trails for our nature hike. As we walked through the pines, our daughter and her friends spotted wildflowers and wildlife while the adults were drawn to the modern homes, tucked neatly in the woods and surrounding lakes.

After a while, as the youngest member of our pack was growing tired, we realized our quick visit had actually lasted for hours of peaceful conversations on a perfect spring afternoon in the woods of Splinter Creek.

The modern design of the community porch, fondly dubbed "picnic point" by the Addison family.

I’m a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and believe he would be proud of the design of the community porch, fondly dubbed as “picnic point” by our family, along with how thoughtfully the landscaping, homes, and other structures at Splinter Creek so effortlessly work with the land.

We recommend exploring Splinter Creek to anyone in need of fresh air and relaxing surroundings.

If you'd like to get outside and explore Splinter Creek, please email for access and directions. If you visit, please tag us on social media @splintercreek on Instagram or Facebook or email us your photos. We look forward to welcoming you...with a wave!

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