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Sonia Thompson

In the past six weeks, as quarantine has dragged on and the weather has gotten sunnier, we've had many guests visit Splinter Creek. They come for the fresh air, for a change in scenery, to fish, to relax. Here, a few friends of Splinter Creek explain in their own words what they love most about the property.

Sylvie Mendoza, age 7, rests on a dock at Splinter Creek while visiting with her family.

"It's a beautiful place -- very peaceful, lots of space for the children to run free (after almost two months cooped up). The pine tree forests remind us of other places we've been or lived (Michigan, Oregon), which now feel extremely far away. At the same time, they highlight how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful state with such outdoor potential -- even in early spring, when those other states are still so chilly!"
-- Alice Ricks, visiting with her husband and two daughters.

Topher Cleary, age 3, explores some of the building envelope platforms at Splinter Creek.

"My family and I spent our afternoon on the Community Porch at Splinter Creek and enjoyed a picnic while watching the blue heron on the water. There was a cool breeze and we were able to hike a few of the lots to discover hidden platforms and check out the phenomenal views. The unique blue waters of Splinter Creek are one of a kind. We can’t wait to get back as the weather warms up to pull out the paddle boards and kayaks!"
-- Lauren Cleary, visiting with her husband and two children.

Brett Thomas relaxes in a hammock near the Community Porch.

"Splinter Creek is so relaxing, beautiful and quiet. It's very easy to keep your distance from others when you have 650 acres to explore. I enjoy hiking in the woods and finding the perfect lakeside spot to hang the hammock. Almost every time I visit, I spot a graceful blue heron and hear the calls of wild turkey. Splinter Creek has been a wonderful escape from the reality of quarantine."
-- Hallie Thomas, visiting with her husband Brett Thomas.

Drake Seligman shows off his catch.

"Splinter Creek is definitely a hidden gem right now. The fishing has been great as far as fly fishing goes. Most days there are fish who will take dry fly/terrestrial patterns on the surface. If that doesn’t work there is always a way to catch fish on smaller baitfish patterns and streamers. Never a shortage of fish to find at Splinter Creek!"
-- Drake Seligman, fly fishing guide

Caroline Hourin canoes with her father Mike Hourin on the lake at Splinter Creek.

"My blood pressure drops 10 points when I see the lakes. It is my favorite place in Oxford."
-- Mike Hourin, on canoeing with his daughter Caroline Hourin.

If you'd like to get outside and explore Splinter Creek, please email info@splintercreekms.com for access and directions. If you visit, please tag us on social media @splintercreek on Instagram or Facebook or email us your photos. We look forward to welcoming you...with a wave!

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