Your Perfect Winter Day

Sonia Thompson

At Splinter Creek, outdoor activities are a way of life, even in the winter. Especially in the winter. Our rhythms revolve around a morning nature hike and an evening by the fire pit. Here's the way we spend a perfect winter day enjoying our 650 acres and three lakes.

Mornings at Splinter Creek are cozy, still, and quiet (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

1. Lakeside Coffee
Kick off the morning with a hot cup of java while overlooking the lake. Notice the geese hunting for their breakfast, the steam rising off the water, and the stillness. Cozy up with a blanket, and enjoy the quiet dawning of a new day.

Children love exploring, especially in the snow (photo by Elizabeth Keckler).

2. Nature Hike With the Kids
At Splinter Creek, there's so much to explore. Take your little ones for a brisk walk around the property. Marvel at nature while they collect acorns, pine cones, and rocks. Take their treasures home for their collections, and talk to them about conservation.

A tray of snacks tides us over for the afternoon (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

3. Lunch With A View
Fix a snack plate and take it down by the water. A wooly blanket and a pair of binoculars make it complete.

4. Play In The Snow
650 pristine acres means when it snows, the powder stays white and fresh for as long as it's on the ground. Grab the whole family to make a snowman and snow angels, and feel the joy of winter by the lakes.

Cooking is a favorite Splinter Creek past time (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

5. Dinner At Home
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and at Splinter Creek, that's especially true. Preparing dinner with fresh ingredients or firing up the grill on the outdoor kitchen keeps us happy and full. The quiet of the property keeps mealtime calm, even during the most hectic part of the day.

Boating around the lake is always peaceful, thanks to quiet motors only (photo by Peter Vold).

6. Sunset Cruise
After dinner, we head back out onto the water. Seeing the land from a boat gives a fresh perspective. We notice a bald eagle's nest, white-tailed deer, and wild turkey roaming. The outing reminds us to take solace in nature, and not on the sofa.

S'mores in the fire pit are a sweet end to the day (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

7. S'mores By the Fire
A crackling fire in the fire pit along with a sweet bit of melty marshmallow with chocolate and crunchy graham cracker is the best end to a beautiful day at Splinter Creek.

8. Stargazing
Far away from the city lights, at night you can see the stars, and the whole place feels like magic. Watch for shooting stars, and make a wish for good luck.

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