Work From Nature

Sonia Thompson

As work-from-home life stretches on, we continue to evaluate and re-evaluate how our houses can serve us in new ways. Designers and architects predict that the pandemic will affect home design for the foreseeable future, as reported in the New York Times article "How the Virus May Change Your Next Home."

The home office at the Boathouse at Splinter Creek has lake views and a connected screened-in porch (photo by Ellen Leake).

It's no surprise that the piece outlines the most important additions to floor plans will be flex spaces that can be used as home offices. With building sites at Splinter Creek averaging 10 acres, our residents have plenty of space to get creative with their home office setups. Here are a few Splinter Creek spaces that we hope inspire.

Splinter Creek's Boathouse boasts a large screened-in porch, which hovers above the North Lake and is located just off the newly renovated home office (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

A wall of modern built-in shelves and a long work area are ideal for keeping papers and technology contained at the Boathouse (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Two different modern barn/apartment spaces on the Splinter Creek property boast home office setups. A sitting room and drafting table provide meeting space that is tucked into a break of pine trees (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

A newer barn structure, completed in 2018, was built on the property with a home workspace in mind. In addition to a machine shed and storage, the barn houses a small living space, kitchenette, and desk that overlooks a large, open meadow (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

The home office space in the East Cove Concept house features a custom made desk by Oxford woodworker John Haltom (photo by Jean Allsopp).

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