Winter at Splinter Creek

Sonia Thompson

Winter might mean bundling up and staying inside to some, but at Splinter Creek, we like to explore the outdoors during all seasons. It’s part of the Splinter Creek lifestyle that defines our community.

While the air is still and quiet, there is much wildlife activity taking place around our trails and lakes. Watch for deer, bald eagles and migrating geese.

The colors are muted, the stars are bright, and the feeling is calm.

After a morning hike, sitting by a crackling bonfire with hot cocoa and s’mores is one of our favorite ways to enjoy winter on the property. Gathering with neighbors, friends and family makes for an especially cozy afternoon at the Community Porch.

Interested in exploring the Splinter Creek? No need to wait until spring. Make an appointment and come visit us soon.

photos by Erin Austen Abbott and Stephen Kirkpatrick

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