What's In a Name?

Sonia Thompson

Splinter Creek's owners originally purchased the 650-acre property as a timber investment. But...

When their initial harvest unveiled the beauty and character of the land, the couple exchanged their plans for a pine plantation for time spent exploring the forests and meadows of Splinter Creek, and have spent more than a decade building an intimate connection with the land.

Site 22 Painters Point boasts a private drive, private cove, generous shoreline, and beautiful sunrise views. Painter is the last name of some of the property's first residents.

The owners chose distinctive names for each of the 34 homesites, reflecting its scenery, topography, and character, as well as the adventures to which each piece of property has borne witness.

Site 25 Silent Shade has a large hardwood cove just waiting to be explored.

From Hidout Hill, to Scout's Honor and Highgrove, Turkey Run to Cathedral Pines, each Splinter Creek homestead has its own story, just waiting to become part of yours.

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