Two Ways to Call Splinter Creek Home

Sonia Thompson

Splinter Creek is a carefully designed retreat, a one-of-a-kind place to put down roots, begin a new chapter, or create a serene second home.

Our 34 homesites combine a sense of living in an unspoiled wilderness with a convenient location and modern design. More than an ordinary development, Splinter Creek is the embodiment of placemaking, the practice and philosophy of uniting people around a common vision for an uncommon place.

Placemaking means connecting with the heart and soul of the site itself, and planning a community that is true to the land, to its heritage, and to the people who will someday call it home. At Splinter Creek, that planning can happen one of two ways.

The Boathouse at Splinter Creek was designed to hover above the pristine waters of the property's North Lake.

Residents are encouraged to create dwellings that reflect their individual tastes while complementing the natural surroundings and overall character of the community. This can mean working with your own architect or building the modern home that you've been sketching on notepads for years.

The Splinter Creek home design is a modern take on a dogtrot, characterized by the large, open breezeway that runs through the middle of the house, with two separate living areas on either side. The design is flexible, based on a family's needs.

If the home design process isn't for you, then we have created the Splinter Creek home, which can be adapted for your family's needs. The Splinter Creek home design blends in with and becomes part of the natural landscape. The architectural style features informal, simple timber frame structures clad in wooden siding, inspired by farm buildings, natural light, and other characteristics mindful of the environment.

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