The Ultimate Cabin Inspiration

Sonia Thompson

At Splinter Creek, our residents love our modern design philosophy, which informs so much of the overall look, feel, and function of our community. Our homeowners are encouraged to create dwellings that reflect their individual tastes while complementing the natural surroundings and overall character of the community.We're always searching for inspiration, and that's why we got excited when we recently discovered Cabin Anna, a cabin that can move depending on the weather.

Cabin Anna is essentially three different structures in one. The first is a completely closed, traditional cabin; the second is a cabin with glass walls; and the third is a completely open-air platform. The cabin has different shells, guided by supporting rails. The inner wall consists of a framework of wood and glass and is separated from the roofed wooden outer wall. By shifting the shells and the glass framework, different setups are possible.

The idea of Cabin Anna came about from a desire to live with the elements of nature instead of shying away from them. It was created by Dutch designer Caspar Schols, who designed and built the first cabin for his mother, named Anna. Schols was looking for a concept to bring people closer to nature. Schols thought, just like you change your clothes to the weather, your mood or the occasion, so too should you be able to change your home.

The Cabin Anna concept won the internationally acclaimed 2021 Architizer A+Awards Project of the Year Award. It will soon be available for purchase in North America. We can see it blending seamlessly into the landscape of Splinter Creek for the ultimate design-meets-nature experience!

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