The Time is Right For a Vacation Home

Sonia Thompson

The Splinter Creek model home is situated on 10 acres with lake access.

Ever since Covid-19 struck the U.S. in March, families have been looking for ways to stay both healthy and sane. Many have found that the best way to do that is by investing in a vacation home with a little more space.

With three lakes on the Splinter Creek property, leisure activities including boating, fishing, swimming, and paddle boarding abound.

City dwellers especially are searching for land in more rural areas, wanting to both escape crowded cities and invest in places they enjoy spending time, according to this recent Wall Street Journal article "East Coasters Are Snapping Up Vacation Homes Amid Coronavirus."

All of Splinter Creek's 34 lots have shoreline access, making a vacation home on the water an attainable reality.

According to the article, "second-home sales in resort and rural communities have seen a surprising surge in recent months. ... With timelines uncertain for returning to school and offices, many vacation-home buyers are seeking out properties that can double as full-time homes if necessary."

Lot sizes range from 2-25 acres and many include historic hardwoods as well as dense pine forests.

Chris Suber, a Re/Max Realtor in the Oxford area, says he's seeing that trend play out locally. "Requests for homes with at least two to five acres are surging right now," Suber says. "The current low interest rates combined with the affordable cost of living in north Mississippi make it an ideal time to invest in a second home."

To schedule a tour or enquire about Splinter Creek sales, message info@splintercreekms.com for pricing and availability.

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