The Stillness of Splinter Creek: Architect’s Notebook

Grant Scott

Grant Scott of Lang Architecture designed the Splinter Creek model house. On a recent visit to north Mississippi, he stayed in the newly completed home and got to experience the tranquility that he envisioned and created.

On my first visit to Splinter Creek, more than 18 months ago to choose a building site for the model house, what struck me about the land was the rolling pine forests and the peace I felt upon entering the property.

Recently, my wife and I were on a road trip through the South, and we had the good fortune to visit and stay at the Splinter Creek model house; it was the first time I've ever stayed in a home I designed.

Arriving at the now-complete and beautifully landscaped home, I had the very same feeling of calm from my first visit to Splinter Creek.

The feeling that had been envisioned during the design process had been achieved. The approach through the forest, winding through the trees to give a sense of separation from the road was just as I had hoped it would be. We pulled up to find the house still, quiet, and nestled on the lake’s shore just as imagined.

As an architect, there is no greater joy than experiencing a building doing exactly what you’ve spent a year and a half working to have it do.

On entering the house, the view opened up, and the broad vista of the lake was revealed in new way. From there, all of the details, building alignments, built elements, and decisions made during the design process began revealing themselves.

From a professional standpoint, it was a bit like re-reading a favorite book. What was almost overwhelming was the tranquility of the house. We sat and gazed out the windows at the lake, in disbelief at how beautiful and relaxing the house is.

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