November 19, 2019

The Secret to Happiness: Just Add Water

Sonia Thompson

The secret to happiness may be more simple than you think. A recent article published in the Guardian outlines the positive effects of spending time by water. It reads, "...the science has been consistent for at least a decade: being by water is good for body and mind."

Photographed by Joe Worthem

The article goes on to state that, "Proximity to water is associated with many positive measures of physical and mental wellbeing, from higher levels of vitamin D to better social relations."

Photographed by Erin Austen Abbott

It outlines three beneficial environmental factors typical of aquatic environments, those being:
1. They typically have less polluted air and more sunlight.
2. People who live by water tend to be more physically active, including water sports as well as walking and cycling.
3. Water has a psychologically restorative effect. Spending time in and around aquatic environments has consistently been shown to induce a positive mood and reduce negative mood.

Photographed by Erin Austen Abbott

Read the full article here, and come out to Splinter Creek to spend time on our three lakes today. Tours of the property are available through the agents with Tom Smith Land and Homes at 601-898-2772.

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