The 5 Best Duck and Quail Hunts Near Splinter Creek

Sonia Thompson

The day after Thanksgiving might mean Black Friday shopping to some, but to Mississippi sportsmen, Nov. 24 means the opening of waterfowl hunting season. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few of the best guided duck and quail hunts in Mississippi, all an easy drive from Splinter Creek.

1. Little "q" Ranch

Just outside of Oxford, Little “q” Ranch features 125 acres of pastoral fields and pristine hardwoods. Sportsmen flock to this ranch to hunt the Bobwhite Quail, one of the most prized game birds of the South. According to the Little “q” owners, “the pursuit of this elusive upland fowl epitomizes southern gentility, sportsmanship, and heritage.”

Quail hunting at the Little "q" Ranch just outside of Oxford, Mississippi. Hunting the elusive Bobwhite Quail is a specialty there.

2. Tallahatchie Hunts

Tallahatchie Hunts features 8,000 acres of privately owned farmland in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway. Expect to encounter a variety of duck species including green heads, wood ducks, gadwalls, pintails, and shovelers.

The Tallahatchie, Coldwater, and Yocona rivers all come together in Tallahatchie County, and most Tallahatchie Hunts hunting is on acreage adjoining these rivers.

3. Delta Duck Hunts

Delta Duck Hunts features 4,000 acres for waterfowl hunting. It’s located in the Mississippi Delta at the top of the Mississippi Delta in Tunica, Mississippi, and in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway. They offer both guided duck hunting and unguided duck hunting on exclusive private duck hunting leases which are located adjacent to, or near, the Mississippi and Coldwater rivers.

Delta Duck Hunts offers duck hunting with easy access from a pit, brushed sled blinds, or standing timber, as well as land adjacent to, or near, Mississippi and Coldwater rivers.

4. Beaver Dam Hunts

Also located in Tunica, Beaver Dam Hunts was founded by owner Mike Boyd, who has lived in Tunica County all his life. He has hunted and fished Beaver Dam Lake and its surrounding areas for nearly 50 years. Boyd says Beaver Dam is in the bullseye for migrating waterfowl.

At Beaver Damn Hunts, sportsmen can hunt in historic waters filled with towering cypress or buckbrush sloughs and flooded grain fields.

5. White Oak Hunting Service

White Oak Hunting Service in Dundee, Mississippi, is in the heart of the Mississippi flyway, in close proximity to the Mississippi River, Coldwater River and Arkabutla Reservoir. The location is prime hunting ground for ducks, as well as geese, and they offer pits and blinds located in bean, milo and rice fields, as well as flooded timber holes.

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