Thankful For Splinter Creek

Sonia Thompson

In this season of gratitude, we asked some of our residents what makes them most thankful for their time and place at Splinter Creek.

“It’s magnificent. All your cares drop away. We just sit there and stare out into the lake and relax. The constant sounds of wildlife, the wind rustling the trees, the blanket of quiet makes it a place of refuge and peace for us."
-- Seldom Seen resident

"Being here has helped us reorganize our priorities: fresh air, long walks, enjoying small moments with family. Splinter Creek has allowed us to exercise that reprioritization with our own family and I’ve seen it with other families in the community as well."
-- Piney Point resident

"Splinter Creek gives us a place to unwind and let go of our schedule. It’s peaceful, quiet, and sublime."
-- Camelback resident

"We both grew up more as country kids in small Mississippi towns. We had freedom to roam and explore, and we wanted to be able to give that to our children, too."
-- Chapel Point resident

“Our home has a treehouse-like quality that gives us 80-degree views of the lake. Our proximity to the water informs everything we do."
-- East Cove resident

"We love being at Splinter Creek because our lives are busy, and sometimes life is supposed to be quiet."
-- Blackberry Hill resident

“We have the lakes, land, trails and outdoor spaces that truly allow you to feel disconnected. We're here to catch a moment and freeze time a bit."
-- Old Cedar Cove resident

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