Taking Root at Splinter Creek

Erin Austen Abbott

Living in north Mississippi, we are surrounded by the beauty of changing seasons. Our hot summer adventures by the lake turn into cozy nights by the fire pit. We bask under the changing leaves and enjoy even the sparse, sometimes snow-covered limbs. It’s the perfect four seasons spent lakeside at Splinter Creek.

The loblolly pines and mature hardwoods found around the property give you almost a Canadian or Scandinavian feel, with lines of evergreens along the water. Pathways cut out between pine, oak, maple, birch, sweet gum, and magnolias, leading to each plot of land, home to a future Splinter Creek dwelling.

As you drive in, you are instantly transformed to a place of wonder, nature, and calm. Trees lining the road, winding up and down hills, passing by the lakes, watching birds take flight from the trees overhead.

We love to hike and explore through the trees, gathering fallen leaves that are speckled with red, mixes of green and yellow, orange, and – like a four-leaf clover – pink ones. We gather strips of birch tree bark and fallen gum balls from the sweet gums.

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