Sustainable Summer Sundays

Sonia Thompson

Can stunning architectural design coexist with the utmost respect for nature? At Splinter Creek, we believe so. Follow along during our new series called #SustainableSummerSundays to learn more about the sustainable practices we follow when building residences and how we honor Mississippi’s native landscape.

Design + Respect = Splinter Creek (photo by Nicholas Doyle @picturetheplace).

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Splinter Creek is sustainable from all angles (photo by Nicholas Doyle @picturetheplace).

Tree clearing? At Splinter Creek, never.

Splinter Creek is a place where the cliché’d construction that’s become all too commonplace gives way to character-filled dwellings that can truly be called “home.” This begins with our approach to designing these characteristics. Before the home design process can even begin, homeowners and architects address the unique needs of the home site. Topography, sun angles, view corridors, relationships to ridge lines, native landscape, common areas, and even other home sites are all taken into consideration for the first steps of the process. It’s truly a home design process set apart from the rest, guided by our Architectural Review Committee to ensure our sustainable design principles are maintained throughout all phases of development.

Splinter Creek is nature-first at its core. It is a place where lot lines and sidewalks are replaced by homesteads and hiking trails.

The makings of a homesite at Splinter Creek (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Let's take a look at the beginning stages of bringing home designs to life.

At the start of site work, soil samples are collected and analyzed by a geo-tech firm, and excavation is kept to a minimum due to terrain considerations. Even vegetation removal, like selective pruning of trees and shrubs, is limited in an effort to eliminate erosion. If significant vegetation is removed, owners are encouraged to transplant it to another location on their home site.

We take as many steps as possible to ensure that root systems of existing vegetation remain intact.

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