Spring Adventures at Splinter Creek

Sonia Thompson

With some of our part-time residents choosing to quarantine at Splinter Creek, the lakes and Community Porch have been busier than usual with activity. Take a peek at how some of them are spending these early spring days enjoying the property.

Social distancing exploration at Splinter Creek.

Sam, the unofficial Splinter Creek mascot, has been roaming the property for the last two weeks. Follow along on Instagram at #SamatSplinterCreek to find where she will show up next.

Children love exploring the docks and trails on the property. Everything from the fish jumping in the lake to pine cones is interesting to them.

It's lay-around-in-a -hammock kind of weather. Some days are still a bit chilly, but the sun is shining! Bundle up and take a nap outside.

Sam finds a sunny patch near the fire pit at the Community Porch.

We found Sam again! This time exploring the South Lake. What a perfect time to be a dog at Splinter Creek. ⁠

The Splinter Creek model house has plenty of sunny spaces to catch a nap!

If you'd like to get outside and explore Splinter Creek, please email info@splintercreekms.com for access and directions. If you visit, please tag us on social media @splintercreek on Instagram or Facebook or email us your photos. We look forward to welcoming you...with a wave!

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