Splinter Creek Featured by Parents of Ole Miss

Sonia Thompson

The website Parents of Ole Miss recently featured our property in an article titled "Splinter Creek: A Lifestyle Like No Other." We love the way the writer, an Oxford local, describes Splinter Creek.

She says, "The lifestyle available at Splinter Creek is truly at a magical level. Deep consideration and planning allowed for the natural landscape to be preserved among the modest, modern homes. There is a simultaneous sense of community and privacy offered. The amenities and conservations placed for an owners’ benefit were well thought out, and in line with making a forever family home in Splinter Creek."

She goes on to write, "When I was sitting out by one of the lakes on the day I visited, I could see my future grandkids boating, fishing, and catching the sunny Mississippi rays. A destination full of memories waiting to be made."

That's exactly what our owners and residents feel, too. We hope you'll find the same when you visit our property. Contact us today to set up a guided tour.

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