Splinter Creek Featured by Henrybuilt

Sonia Thompson

The Splinter Creek Boathouse, designed by Lake Flato. Image courtesy of Henrybuilt.

Our property was recently featured by Henrybuilt, a company that makes architecturally integrated kitchens and wardrobes and whose systems are in the Splinter Creek Boathouse.

The Henrybuilt hearth in the Boathouse is made from hand-rubbed steel plates with visible fasteners. Image courtesy of Henrybuilt.

The article, titled "Mississippi Modernist," is focused on the Henrybuilt kitchen and hearth, which has "hand-rubbed steel plates with visible fasteners balance with the warmth of wood, and the play of positive and negative space in the shelving."

The full article and photos of the Boathouse can be found here.

The Boathouse kitchen's subdued tile unites the stronger textures of the steel and the walnut grain, creating a composition that is compelling and calming. Image courtesy of Henrybuilt.

The essence of the Boathouse project – tactile and modern. Image courtesy of Henrybuilt.

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