July 12, 2023

Save the Date

Sonia Thompson

We are eagerly anticipating the seventh annual Conference on the Front Porch Oct. 5 and 6, which kicks off with dinner at the Splinter Creek Community Porch!

The seventh annual Conference on the Front Porch is Oct. 5-6, and kicks off with a dinner at Splinter Creek (photo by Sierra Dexter).

The conference aims to celebrate all that the front porch represents – both from a literal as well as a metaphorical perspective. A slower pace, a time when neighbors visited in their front yards, the music, food, and stories of a bygone era. So many important things in the South happen on, or around, a front porch. The front porch has come to be recognized as one of the key elements in sustaining actual community in an increasingly online existence.

A kick-off dinner at Splinter Creek's Porch will highlight the community by showcasing our main gathering place for neighbors to enjoy time together with friends and family (photo by Sierra Dexter).

The two-day gathering features speakers, dinners, live music, literature, bonfires, and stories. This year's conference will kickoff with a dinner, by Taylor's Grit restaurant, at Splinter Creek's Community Porch on Thursday, Oct. 5.

Boat over and join us on Thurs., Oct. 5! (photo by Sierra Dexter).

Registration price for the conference weekend is $485 and includes tickets to all lectures and panels, five meals, concerts, field dinners, and wine tastings. The conference is limited to the first 200 people. Purchase tickets here, and we can't wait to see you in the fall!

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