Progress Report

Sonia Thompson

The goal of all Splinter Creek homes is for the buildings to blend in with and become part of the natural landscape, just like this house on Belledeer Place on the Partner's Pond.

It's happening, it's really happening! A look around Splinter Creek right now reveals the vision of a community of like-minded neighbors becoming a reality. With more than two-thirds of our lots sold, and now five homes under construction, we are excited to report that the progress at Splinter Creek is moving quickly.

But while homes are indeed going up, their designs make them blend in with nature and retreat into the landscape. That's what we like to call living lightly on the land, which is an important part of our design ethos at Splinter Creek.

Look closely, the house going up on Old Cedar Cove can only be (sort of) seen from the water.

What does that mean, exactly? When creating the master plan for our community, a great emphasis was placed on respecting Splinter Creek’s natural topography. Our most comprehensive architectural philosophy – to enhance the natural beauty of the land, and that land and buildings should not be thought of as separate – has always been the North Star of the Splinter Creek process.

A modern cabin going up on Camelback will do double duty as a studio and guesthouse.

This thinking has helped shape the property into what it has become today: 650 acres of unspoiled natural common areas and a preserve of pristine lakes, forests, wetlands and trails.

Our residents have a common goal: to create the highest quality home within the smallest possible area. The intent is that Splinter Creek's natural landscape remains the dominant visual image.

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