Progress, Progress, Progress

Sonia Thompson

It's been one of the busiest and most exciting months on record at Splinter Creek. With more than two-thirds of our lots sold, and now four homes in the framing stage of construction, we are seeing nothing but progress, progress, progress.

It hasn't happened overnight. "It’s more about the journey than the endpoint," Splinter Creek founder Ellen Leake says. "We are in our 16th year, and part of that time we were building our own retreat. It’s been an incredible lesson in patience and learning that it’s about the long game."

Leake credits some of the recent interest with the after-effects of the global covid pandemic. "I think 2020 made us reorganize priorities: fresh air, long walks, enjoying small moments with family," she says. "Splinter Creek has allowed us to exercise that reprioritization with our own family and I’ve seen it with other families in the community as well."

Here's a look at some of the current stages of construction and what the future residents are anticipating.

The house under construction on Old Cedar Cove

1. Old Cedar Cove
A family from New Orleans is breaking ground on the 12-acre Old Cedar Cove lot, one of the most private residences on the property. Working with Carlton Edwards Architects out of Memphis and Samuels Construction out of Oxford, they are looking forward to their sweeping views from their modern home perched high above the lake.

Framing progress at Silent Shade

2. Silent Shade
A Memphis family is building on the 7-acre Silent Shade lot, which boasts a hardwood cove and dramatic overlooks of the North Lake. Also working with Carlton Edwards Architects out of Memphis and Wade Threadgill Construction, the family members love to fish and look forward to enjoying their homesite's shoreline -- one of the longest on the North Lake.

Finishing the foundation at Wildwood

3. Wildwood
Oxford residents are breaking ground on 6-acre Wildwood. Their lot is situated next to a common area on the South Lake with west views and a boat launch. The dramatic topography and elegant home, designed by Jonathan Maddox of Howorth & Associates and under construction with Joel Little, take full advantage of the views of the water and sunsets.

A pond-side retreat at Belledeer Place

4. Belledeer Place
A Clinton, Miss., couple are building on the 2-acre Belledeer Place, located on the backside of Partners Pond. The homesite on the secluded pond has easy access from Old Orchard Road and offers clear views of the water to the south. A popular retreat for deer and wild turkey, it also has easy access to the pond’s dock. Samuels Construction is their contractor.

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