Porch + Prairie Magazine Features Splinter Creek

Sonia Thompson

The new summer issue of Porch + Prairie features an article on Splinter Creek. The magazine, which has a "pride for American craftsmanship, the American culture, and the American Spirit," outlines a typical day on the property in a story headlined "Modern Family."

"The sun is out at Splinter Creek, and so there is a flurry of activity. A young couple finishes their coffee on the dock and heads out for an early morning hike, getting their steps in before logging into their remote offices. A retiree loads up his tackle box and makes his way down to the shoreline. If his catch is big enough, it will be supper tonight, grilled low and slow over hot coals. Across the lake, his wife hops on her paddle board, greeting a family of bald eagles as she glides by. A flock of geese dip on to the surface, and land, gently, gracefully. The sound of laughter echoes across the water as a group of young children play follow-the-leader through an open meadow and into a neighbor’s garden. The owner comes out to wave, and to check on his leafy crop.

The property comes to life, waking up as the morning light burns the mist off the lakes, but the dominant sounds are quiet and calm, the wind rustling through the pines and frothy pink muhly grasses, the bass bubbling to the surface, a canoe making ripples across the water."

"The property comes to life, waking up as the morning light burns the mist off the lakes."

To view the full article, visit the Porch + Prairie website and click on the summer issue. To schedule a visit to Splinter Creek to view available lots, please email info@splintercreekms.com.

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