Planting Seeds for Tomorrow

Sonia Thompson

From the very beginning, a guiding philosophy of Splinter Creek has been to create a meaningful relationship with the land. Developed with great care and intention, everything from the shape of the lakes, to the entrance gates, to road signs, and building materials was considered.

Boundaries between lots are marked by natural creeks, ravines, and trees rather than by manmade measurements, fences, and barriers. Individual homesites offer privacy and seclusion, yet flow seamlessly into shared natural areas.

The landscape plan around the model house was created by Jordan Loch Crabtree of the Loch Collective.

The landscape of the model house is a good example of that mindfulness. Planned by landscape architect Jordan Loch Crabtree of the Loch Collective, minimalistic intrusions of paths, boulders, and terraces into the natural landscape were created to help the house and the lake relate to each other.

Locally sourced boulders were chosen by hand by landscape architect Jordan Loch Crabtree.

Materials and a long path of vertically-installed boulders were sourced locally and by hand. A meadow was planned by sourcing seeds from the entire Splinter Creek property to create a custom meadow seed mix.

Cultivating these ideas is what makes Splinter Creek different. Our goal of building for the long-term grew organically with Loch Collective's mission to connect people to nature. That vision is realized in this special space by the lake.

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