August 15, 2023

New Additions

Sonia Thompson
A Willison Timberworks original design.

As the Splinter Creek community continues to grow, additions to the property are growing as well. We are pleased to be working with Seth Willison of Willison Timberworks, out of Stone County in south Mississippi, to design and build a post facility for resident's mail and a structure for restrooms at the Community Porch.

Seth Willison of Willison Timberworks creates a structure.

Willison is a native of South Mississippi. Raised his entire life in Stone County, he has pursued careers in education, the military, and finally in architecture. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and a master's degree in architecture from the University of Colorado Denver.

Much of Willison's work is defined by heavy timber posts and beams, which can be assembled and reassembled, are truly recyclable, and are energy efficient.

Willison's says his architectural goals are simplicity, thrivability, and economy. His work is defined by:

Structures made of heavy timber posts and beams. The advantages are that timber can be assembled and reassembled, is truly recyclable, energy efficient, has a faster construction time, and creates a stronger structure.

Designed for the climate of the Southeast, being mindful of hot summers and mild winters. That means that the buildings are oriented and designed to take advantage of passive solar heat gain in the winter and to reduce solar heat gain in the summer.

Locally sourced building materials, minimally processed, recognizable, and natural, meaning lower manufacturing and transportation costs as well as a simple, healthy, beautiful, and calming finishes.

Whenever possible, Willison procures locally sourced building materials.

We are excited to see what Willison creates for the needs of the community and homeowners at Splinter Creek. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the exciting additions to the property!

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