September 12, 2023

Morning Ritual

Sonia Thompson

September tends to mark the end of lazy summer days and a return to a bit more structure. Whether that means the children are back in school or longer hours spent on office laptops, it is after Labor Day weekend when we find ourselves welcoming back a more predictable rhythm. But a routine doesn't have to be lacking in joy, especially at Splinter Creek.

With 650 acres of rolling pine forest, three spring-fed lakes, and more than 10 miles of interconnected hiking trails inside the property, nature is truly at your doorstep at Splinter Creek. That means some of the morning rituals here include a trail hike during sunrise or a pre-coffee paddle board session.

Other residents' morning rituals include meditation time or simply relaxing in an outdoor space listening to the sounds of nature. At Splinter Creek, that means more than 350 species of wildlife and more than 250 acres of waterfront. Tell us, do you have a morning ritual? What do you wish you could add to it?

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