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Sonia Thompson

When you invest in a homestead at Splinter Creek, you're not buying an ordinary lot. You gain a little piece of history, a rich natural heritage, and the promise that the natural beauty that initially moved you to call Splinter Creek home will continue to inspire future generations.

Photo by Joe York

Each homesite has its own distinctive character. While one might feature a dramatic overlook of a sparkling lake, another could have a panoramic view of swaying marsh grasses giving way to the water's edge, or a sweeping vista of vibrant leaves reminiscent of the view from your childhood treehouse.

Photo by Elizabeth Keckler

Different terrain and topography across our 650 acres allows homeowners to choose the vistas they long to gaze over day after day, year after year. Here, we've highlighted a few of our favorite lots on the property.

Lot 7 Silver Lake is 4.7 acres and sits at one of the property's highest elevations. Photo by Erin Austen Abbott.

Lot 7 Silver Lake
Without any neighboring lots, Silver Lake is a private retreat on one of the highest elevations at Splinter Creek. Nestled on the South Lake, this acreage features plenty of shoreline and several gently sloping potential homesites near the water. With easy access to a common dock, Silver Lake is the perfect site for swimming, fishing, and boating. The lot allows for flexibility in house design given the topology and varied landscape.

Lot 11 Belledeer Place is 2.7 acres and sits on the smaller Partner's Pond. Photo by Erin Austen Abbott.

Lot 11 Belledeer Place
Belledeer Place recalls childhood memories. It is on the small, secluded Partner's Pond with easy access from Old Orchard Road. The site offers clear views of the water to the south. A popular retreat for deer and wild turkey, it also has easy access to the pond’s dock and swim platform.

Lot 20 Highland Meadow is 8.4 acres and one of the most secluded lots, located in the back of the property. Photo by Erin Austen Abbott.

Lot 20 Highland Place
One of the most secluded homesteads at Splinter Creek, Highland Meadow has spectacular views of the North Lake. The natural landscape of the property would support inspiring architecture and a house that could be designed to “cascade” down the ridge toward the lake. The lot has a broad meadow and is surrounded by forest.

Click here for a full list of available lots and click on each lot for descriptions and information.

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