Jump In!

Sonia Thompson

We've reached that point in the summer where the sun seems to reach the top of the sky early and stay there all day, throwing down rays and waves of Mississippi heat. That means one thing only at Splinter Creek: time to swim.

Jumping into the Splinter Creek lakes is a summer rite of passage (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

One of our favorite sights is kids jumping off docks, doing cannonballs and throwing up plumes of water, daring moms and dads to leap off after them and match their daredevil skills stunt for stunt.

A lazy day on the lake (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

People slide over the side of canoes and let the cool water lap over their shoulders and you can see, even from a far away bank, the exhale, the respite from the heat, the way floating along in a lake is almost a spiritual experience.

Children love the freedom that summer at Splinter Creek provides (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Summer in the lakes of Splinter Creek means splashing, and soaking, and stretching out in the water and looking up at the blue sky and billowing clouds. It means the sounds of kids laughing, and egging each other on, and of powerful strokes and kicks as the grownups cut across the surface of the water.

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