How We Celebrate Earth Day

Sonia Thompson

This month marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and celebrations are looking a little different this year during the coronavirus pandemic. But the way we at Splinter Creek mark the occasion is the same as we've always done.

The full Splinter Creek property is 650 acres of rolling pine and hardwood forest, three stocked lakes, and well-maintained running, cycling, and hiking trails. More than 400 acres of the development are set aside as common areas and maintained as a natural preserve and wetlands. We are home to more than 350 different species of wildlife, including turkey, deer, and bald eagles.

Our residents adhere to the Splinter Creek building codes and guidelines, which are designed for preserving mature trees, native flora, and the natural landscape. They also protect neighbors from unexpected development. The boundaries between our homesites are marked by natural creeks, ravines, and trees, rather than by manmade measurements, fences, and barriers.

Developed with great care and intention, our building guidelines ensure that your investment, as well as the natural beauty and modern aesthetic of Splinter Creek, is always protected. Splinter Creek is a sanctuary for like-minded individuals and families who cherish meaningful experiences, and who long to preserve and enjoy all that nature has to offer. This is the Splinter Creek promise, on Earth Day, and every day.

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