Hi! We're Splinter Creek

Sonia Thompson

Hi! We're Splinter Creek. We've noticed quite a few new names and faces lately, and we love that! So we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves again, in case that's helpful for you. Thanks for reading, we're so glad you're here!

Who are we?
We're a conservation community of modern lake houses located right outside Oxford, Mississippi. Oxford is about 90 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. The Splinter Creek property is 650 acres. We have three private lakes. The majority of our homesites are lakeside, which translates into tremendous views of the water and spectacular sunrises, sunsets, nature viewing, hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming. It also means that more than 400 acres are a nature preserve for our residents.

What does that mean?
A nature preserve means that most of the land remains, well, nature. It means -- as we like to say at Splinter Creek -- that nature is literally at your doorstep. When you build at Splinter Creek, you'll find more than 350 species of wildlife, from geese who swim over during breakfast, to turtles who the children give names, to trees that last for generations. It also means families who cherish meaningful experiences and neighbors who long to preserve and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Why modern architecture?
Short answer, because we love it, and we know you do, too. Longer answer, because it's appropriate for the landscape. Splinter Creek home design blends in with and becomes part of the natural landscape. Our community's architectural style features informal, simple structures clad in wooden siding, inspired by farm buildings, natural light, and other characteristics mindful of the environment.

When I buy at Splinter Creek, what am I buying?
You're buying a homesite. And our homesites are generous. Typically around 10 acres. We have smaller and larger ones, too, if that's your thing. You're also investing in the life you want -- where you can wake up and paddle board before coffee, or have sleepovers or campouts with all of the grandchildren, or work from home in a space that inspires you. But in addition to that, you're investing in a community of likeminded individuals for generations to come.

Great, I'm in. Now what?
Great! We're excited too! Drop us a line! Schedule a visit. We can send you photos galore, maps, videos, and more, -- and we will! -- but the only way to truly understand Splinter Creek and the right homesite for you is to visit. You need to hike the lots. See the trails. Look up at the trees. Walk the land. Tell us your hopes and desires. And then we'll find your place. Reach out at info@splintercreekms.com. We can't wait to connect!

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