Hashtag Splinter Creek

Sonia Thompson

We love being out in nature as much as possible, but when we're stuck at our desks (either home or office) and glued to our iPhones, Instagram is where we go for a virtual escape. Some of the best ways to explore new accounts and find design inspiration is through hashtags. Here are some of our favorite #s that tide us over until we're back lakeside IRL.

‚Äč#Outdoors (photo by spyglassdesinations)

We love to browse through images of fall foliage, leafy escapes, hiking trails, and new places to explore.

#Lakesidearchitecture (photo by Suyama Peterson Deguchi)

When we're looking for design inspiration, this is one of the best hashtags to find images and ideas that could translate to Splinter Creek.

#Archilovers (photo by arch_success)

Exploring #archilovers fulfills both our love of design and travel.

#Lakehouse (photo by Aboda_Design_Group).

We love seeing how others live by the water and planning our dream lake house escape.

#Splintercreek (photo by themotherofinvention)

#Splintercreek is of course our favorite hashtag of all time. For obvious reasons, yes, but also because we love seeing the photos of residents and guests who come out to explore our 650 acres and three lakes. If you want to visit us to find your perfect #splintercreek #lakeside homesite, please email info@splintercreekms.com for more information.

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