Happy Thanksgiving

Sonia Thompson

Splinter Creek is a vision that was a bit ahead of its time. In the early days, a collection of modern, eco-friendly, lakeside homes built to meld into the surrounding woods of north Mississippi seemed difficult for some to imagine. But over the years, as you heard more about this special property, the response has been magical.

So today -- in this season of Thanksgiving -- we are most grateful for you.

You, our residents and community members, who came seeking a place to slow down your daily pace and connect with nature. You who came looking to invest in the future or a different lifestyle. You who came to Splinter Creek to have a meaningful experience in a new chapter. You who were ready for an escape and establishing roots. You who view Splinter Creek as a place you can see yourself and your family for generations. You who are here to catch a moment and freeze time a bit.

And to you, we say thank you. Thank you for making the Splinter Creek community what it is today. Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.

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