Groundhog Day

Sonia Thompson

Waking up at Splinter Creek is like Groudhog Day in the absolute best way (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Happy February 2nd, otherwise known as Groundhog Day! Truth be told, we're not all that concerned about good ole Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow, or even if there is going to be more winter (it's always a good day at Splinter Creek, no matter the temperature). But we still wanted to acknowledge this somewhat silly holiday because when we talk about Splinter Creek, we repeat ourselves. Often. On purpose.

We have 400 acres set aside as a nature preserve for our residents, big and small (photo by Elizabeth Keckler).

That's because what makes our property so great is worth saying over and over. We get excited to share what sets our community apart. That includes:

  • Being a conservation community of modern lake houses located right outside Oxford, Mississippi
  • Having 650 unspoiled acres of rolling pine forrest
  • Having three private lakes
  • Offering a majority lakeside homesites, which translates into tremendous views of the water and spectacular sunrises, sunsets, nature viewing, hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming
  • Saving more than 400 acres as a nature preserve for our residents
  • Offering more than 10 miles of interconnected hiking trails

Nature is at your doorstep at Splinter Creek (photo courtesy of Henrybuilt).

It also means:

  • As we like to say at Splinter Creek -- that nature is at your doorstep
  • That we're always thinking about the future and a slower, easier way of life that focuses on nature and community, our two greatest passions
  • Our residents are mostly couples and families who cherish meaningful experiences and long to preserve and enjoy all that nature has to offer

A homesite at Splinter Creek means you're investing in a community of likeminded individuals for yourself and generations to come​​ (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

What does that all mean exactly? Well, it means:

  • You're buying a homesite, and Splinter Creek homesites range between 2-15 acres
  • You're also investing in the life you want -- where you can wake up and paddle board before coffee, or have sleepovers or campouts with the grandchildren, or work from home in a space that inspires you
  • But most importantly, you're investing in a community of likeminded individuals for yourself and generations to come

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