Good Stewards

Sonia Thompson

We never use the "D" word at Splinter Creek. Where the word "development" might imply building for right now only, we know that Splinter Creek is a community and one built to last.

It’s personal and most intentional to us, nurturing these 650 acres with the hope and expectation that it will become a multi-generational gathering place. It’s a place for our children and theirs to build memories of cold winter trail hikes and long summer days, star gazing, turtle-spotting, picnics in the woods, and early evening bonfires.

On a macro level, our decision to develop Splinter Creek as an environmentally sensitive place wasn’t hard. We’re building for the long-term and sustainability is important; we see our role more as stewards of the land, than as developers.

And that idea of stewardship feels especially important during the holidays. Good stewards are called to the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to our care. What a task, and also what a gift. Our wish this Christmas season is that we all may be good stewards -- of our families, of our children and the holiday magic we hope to instill in them, of course of this little patch of land to which we feel so connected.

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