Good Dogs

Sonia Thompson

Faithful, loyal, best buddy, man's best friend. Our dogs hold special places in our hearts as evidenced by the language we use to describe them.

When Abe visits, he loves to swim (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Splinter Creek dogs are no different, with one owner even admitting recently that he feels like they bought their lot in large part for their family's Boykin spaniel to roam freely and enjoy her twilight years.

From swimming in our three lakes to hiking our trails with their owners to chasing after deer and wild turkey in our woods, dogs are an ever-present and important part of our community. In honor of all our resident pups -- past, present, and future -- we wanted to share some of our favorite images of our best friends at Splinter Creek.

Fig likes to roam. And roam, and roam, and roam...(photo by Julia Hardy).

Hiking with his owners is what gets Abe most excited (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Tucker, a 110-pound Dudley Lab with hazel-colored eyes and a light brown nose, is happiest at Splinter Creek, especially after long car trips with his owners who live a day's drive from the property.

Rolling in a clover field makes Sam the Beagle feel like a puppy again (photo by Elizabeth Keckler).

A site visit from an architect and his pup is a job perk for them both.

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