Gone Fishin'

Sonia Thompson

Splinter Creek boasts 650 acres of rolling pine forest, but the crown jewels of our property are our three pristine, spring-fed lakes. Designed for swimming, boating, and fishing, the lakes are stocked and professionally managed by American Sport Fish, one of the largest producers of live, freshwater fish for stocking in the southeast U.S.

American Sport Fish boasts a client roster ranging from President Jimmy Carter to Hank Williams Jr. to Disney World. They build, nurture, stock, and manage ponds and lakes across the U.S., resulting in the creation of both conservation wetland habitats and first-rate trophy fishing.

The professionals at American Sport Fish chose to stock the Splinter Creek lakes with Coppernose bluegill, shellcracker, and Tiger Bass.

Bluegill is an exciting light tackle angling challenge, and one of the best fish to panfry for the dinner table. Shellcrackers are giants of the sunfish clan, and anglers love them for their size. And the name "Tiger Bass" is actually a registered trademark of American Sport Fish. This fish is a specific cross developed by American Sport Fish, utilizing its strain of aggressive, pure northern largemouth bass bred with a strain of proven trophy Florida largemouth bass. They created this particular breed to be easy to catch and have a rapid growth rate.

The Splinter Creek Spring Open House is Saturday, April 4 from noon-5 p.m. We invite you to bring your own fishing poles and enjoy our lakes. We will have professional fly-fishing guide Drake Seligman on the property for casting lessons and guided fishing spots. Enjoy some time outdoors with us and maybe even catch your own dinner! We can't wait to welcome you to Splinter Creek.

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