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Sonia Thompson

What inspires you? At Splinter Creek, our list includes native flora, natural light, pine forests, agrarian-inspired structures, and sounds of the lake lapping against the shore.

Above all, we appreciate good design and building practices that are mindful of the natural environment. That's why our homesites are just as suitable for a 500-square-foot home as a larger floor plan. If you've been thinking about building small, check out these inspired spaces.

1. Designer Cottages Saltbox
Inspired by the classic “lean-to” design, this 452-square-foot home was designed to maximize space and style. Built with exposed heavy timbers, it's a sturdy and simple cabin-like structure. This version employs creative latitude with a modern twist on a classic.

2. Lake Flato Pool House
Designed by Lake Flato, the same architects that designed the Splinter Creek Boathouse, this Texas pool house is sited on a hilltop overlooking a peaceful lake, surrounded by densely shaded pine forest. The weekend home is designed as an escape from urban life and emphasizes strong connections to nature and a sense of place.

3. Sand Creek Post & Beam Single Slope Design
This modern home is 1,283-square-feet with 220-square-feet of patio space. The floor plan has two bedrooms, two baths, and a great room filled with natural light and soaring timbers.

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