Gentle Reminders

Sonia Thompson

Listen to the breeze blow through the lakeside grasses on a perfect day at Splinter Creek (photos by Sonia Thompson).

It was a good reminder today when, out on the property, a resident said, "You know, we love being at Splinter Creek because our lives are busy, and sometimes life is supposed to be quiet."

This particular fall day in north Mississippi was full of clear skies and sunshine. It was unseasonably warm, but pleasant, and the hardwoods had turned various shades of gold or brown. A couple of families had their dogs out roaming around. The lake waters were still. You could hear the breeze rustling the tall grasses. It was perfect and peaceful. Indeed, quiet.

Life isn't always like this. It's busy and chaotic, full of emails to answer or children to carpool, calls to return, errands to run. The holiday season seems to creep closer up the calendar every year, with stores fully decked in red and green the day after Halloween, reminding us to make more lists and buy more things.

"Sometimes life is supposed to be quiet."

So the gentle reminder and keen observation from that resident, in this season, on this particular day resonated. "Sometimes life is supposed to be quiet." How true. How wonderful. How very exactly Splinter Creek. The lists and errands and emails can occasionally wait. Sometimes we have to sit, be still, and listen to the quiet.

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