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We love seeing Splinter Creek through fresh eyes, and we recently had the pleasure of welcoming Memphis-based blogger Cara Greenstein, of the award-winning blog Caramelized, to get to know our property. Her mantra, "sweet touches to everyday experiences," was certainly felt through her beautifully plated dishes and sounds of laughter coming from the dock as she and her friends relaxed by the lake. Below is a recap of her visit, in her own words, if you'd like to take a look.

Blogger Cara Greenstein visits with friends lakeside at Splinter Creek (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Feeling like home already (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Escaping to Splinter Creek – Where Design Meets Nature

by Cara Greenstein

The beauty of Splinter Creek swept me away as soon as we entered the gates. Over 500 acres of rolling pine forest and lakes, tucked away just minutes from the bustling college town of Oxford and quaint retreat Plein Air, welcome imaginative homebuilding for ultimate lakefront living. We were fortunate to get a taste of it this month.

Splinter Creek is a privately-owned residential community located in Taylor Originally purchased as a timber investment by the founding family, the untouched beauty and character of property was later discovered and the family exchanged their initial plans for those that include exploring the forests and lakes of Splinter Creek and recharging with community neighbors.

Cara prepares a crudîtes platter with hummus, prosciutto and melon with mozzarella, grilled radicchio, ribeyes, smashed potatoes, and grilled artichokes (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Cara prepares a grapefruit and gin summer spritz (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).


While we knew we’d be dining out during our weekend, the idea of “home” always translates to food and drink, in our case. We stocked the fridge of the stunning kitchen, pouring cocktails and pairing snacks at every turn.

Our menu? A crudîtes platter with hummus, prosciutto and melon with mozzarella, grilled radicchio, ribeyes, smashed potatoes, and grilled artichokes.

Manning the grill at the East Cove Concept House's outdoor kitchen (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Relaxing with a gin spritz in the cozy and modern living space (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Lake views from the East Cove Concept Home (photo by Jean Allsopp).


Designed by a handful of creative partners, including New York’s Lang Architecture and Texas’ Lake Flato, Splinter Creek aims to be a model of environmentally sensitive and sustainable living, encouraging residents to build lightly on the land.

Designed by Lang Architecture out of New York, NY, the East Cove Concept Home was created in the classic Southern dogtrot style, but with modern a modern sense of direction. Indoor and outdoor living blend together through large windows, patios, balconies and the very land the home sets on.

When designed, the concept home was built naturally and lightly onto the land (and lake’s) natural space. We felt one with the lake from every room and perspective!

In addition to the private features of the home, Splinter Creek offers shared community spaces and arguably "neighborhood” amenities, such as kayaks and boats, plentiful firewood, and fishing docks. We took full advantage!

Waking up to a refined, minimal space with coffee. Always coffee (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).


After an early, serene morning waking up with the sun at Splinter Creek, we headed just 5 miles down the road to Taylor Square in Plein Air, home to precious homes, shops and a phenomenal restaurant — Grit — where we dined upon arrival Friday evening (ask for the Friday fried chicken special — you won’t be sorry). Coffees and biscuits at Lost Dog Coffee quickly caffeinated us before heading into Oxford.

A picture-perfect lunch at Saint Leo boasted burrata pizzas, an addictive chopped salad, bright cocktails and my favorite marinated olives ever. We worked off a bite or two of our meal with a stroll around the Square, including stops at Square Books for a cookbook (for me) and mystery novel (for Alex) and the adorable Cicada boutique for blouses. A walk through Oxford Oil Shed inspired our next gardening project — I left with a candle, though I wanted every single plant. Local beers on the Splinter Creek dock capped off our afternoon before grilling and cooking an al fresco feast back at East Cove.

Splinter Creek docks are made for friends (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

A pre-dinner glass of wine on the lake is always a good idea (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Dressed for dinner and enjoying the views (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

Thank you, Cara, for your beautiful summary of your Splinter Creek experience! To read Cara's full post, visit her Caramelized blog or follow her on Instagram @cara_melized.

To arrange a tour of Splinter Creek, email us at info@splintercreekms.com.

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