Family Ties

Sonia Thompson

If there's one thing we've learned this summer, it's that most of us live too far away from our families. With travel more difficult than it used to be in pre-Covid days, we've longed for better ways to stay connected (and for those of us with young children, a chance to let the grandparents take the kids for a couple of hours).

So it makes sense that many people are reexamining the way they live and would like to live.

A new article in Robb Report titled "All in the Family: Why Multigenerational Compound Estates Are Thriving During the Pandemic," states that, "Like the Kennedys on Cape Cod and the Bushes in Maine before them, those fortunate enough to do so today are creating properties designed not just for their immediate families but for multiple generations, and sometimes various branches, of their family trees. More vital now than ever, these homes have many of the hallmarks of the rambling shared estates of past eras, but they take the concept of the family compound in new directions, too. The designers helping 21st-century clients realize them report that these properties are as varied as the families who commission them."

With three lakes and lots at Splinter Creek averaging 10 acres -- but ranging from 2-25 acres -- a family compound can be an attainable desire. Whether a family wishes to build separate structures on one lot, or have neighboring houses on lots next door or across the lake, our flexibility and vision can make many different scenarios a reality. We invite you to come walk the land and get a feel for what's possible at Splinter Creek. We can't wait to welcome you -- and your family.

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