Common Ground

Sonia Thompson

Friends enjoy a floating dock at Splinter Creek (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

When Splinter Creek's founders first completed their own lake house on the property, they realized one key element was missing: neighbors. That's when the true idea of Splinter Creek was born. As the plans for the community of lakeside homesites evolved and grew, so did the importance for common areas to share with friends and neighbors. Today, the 650 acres of Splinter Creek includes several shared spaces ranging from floating docks to fire pits to lounge chairs for enjoying the sunsets. A preview of our newest addition, Falling Meadow, is included here, as well as our other neighborly spaces, if you'd like to take a look.

Falling Meadow will be open to residents later this year.

1. Falling Meadow
Currently under construction, Falling Meadow at Splinter Creek will be one of the best spots on the property for stargazing. Tucked away in a quiet meadow off the main road, Falling Meadow will have plenty of open space for picnicking and lots of Adirondack chairs for watching wildlife or reading.

Tucked away docks are a favorite place to congregate.

2. Boat Docks and Floating Docks
Splinter Creek boasts three lakes, with boat docks or floating docks built on each. Umbrellas and lounge chairs are found on most, and they are ideal places for fishing, visiting with friends or just kicking back and watching the water.

Cozy up around a fire pit to enjoy conversation with neighbors.

3. Fire Pits
Gather the family and call up the neighbors, our many fire pits found throughout the property are perfect ways to enjoy the community aspect of Splinter Creek. Warm your hands, roast some marshmallows or enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage while watching the flames dance.

The Community Porch is the property's main gathering spot (photo by Erin Austen Abbott).

4. Community Porch
The main gathering place at Splinter Creek, the Community Porch is located on the largest lake on the property and boasts a covered pavilion, grill, fire pit, boat ties, and plenty of seating. Paddle over and unwind in the evenings with those who are gathered there.

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