August 8, 2023

Cheers For Piers

Sonia Thompson

Treading lightly on the land is Splinter Creek's motto. In some cases, depending on the natural slope of our homesites, proximity to our lakes, or the preferences of our residents and their architects, that looks like building on concrete piers rather than a more traditional slab foundation.

A pier foundation on the house at Old Cedar Cove.

A pier foundation, or a series of vertical pillars, has a number of benefits, which include

  • minimal disruption to the soil environment

  • requires fewer materials

  • a wide variety of design options

  • no extensive excavation

  • keeps potential rising waters below the home

The Boathouse at Piney Point is built on piers directly over the water (photo courtesy of HenryBuilt).

There are several examples of pier foundations found at Splinter Creek, including the homes located on East Cove, Piney Point, Old Cedar Cove and the pavilion at the Community Porch.

A pier foundation at East Cove allows for expansive lake views while keeping the the lake waters at bay from the house.

While pier foundations are not required for building at Splinter Creek, we like how they allow for the natural topography of the land to shine. All Splinter Creek home designs blend in with and become part of the natural landscape, creating a community where nature is truly at your doorstep.

Short piers at the Community Porch give the pavilion a modern look.

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