A Vision for the Future

Sonia Thompson

Splinter Creek owner Ellen Leake (center) with daughters Blair (left) and Elizabeth and granddaughter Gaines at Splinter Creek. (photo by Erin Austen Abbott)

At Splinter Creek, we spend a lot of time thinking about the future. It’s been that way from the beginning, when landowners Ellen and Eason Leake first purchased the property. Rather than continue with their plans to use the acreage as a timber investment, the couple instead saw beauty and potential in the forests and meadows. They imagined a world that might one day be, a world that is now a reality.

Blair with husband Ben and their daughter Gaines. (photo by Erin Austen Abbott)

The Leakes have spent more than a decade forming an intimate connection with the land. It’s why the plans for their conservation development call for leaving more than 400 of the 650 acres unspoiled, for generations to come.

Elizabeth with husband Adam and their daughter Lily, who was born February 24. (photo by Josh Hailey)

These days, that future generation isn’t just a vague notion. Their daughters, Blair and Elizabeth, have daughters of their own now. Blair’s daughter, Gaines, is almost 2, and Elizabeth welcomed Lily into the world in February. The extended Splinter Creek family grew as well this year, with the arrival of Wallace, the daughter of marketing director Sonia Thompson, in January.

Splinter Creek marketing director Sonia Thompson with daughter Wallace, who was born January 15. (photo by Lindsey Meisenheimer)

Land like this is bought and developed and nurtured always with the hope that that it might outlive us, to be used and appreciated by our children and grandchildren, and by generations yet unborn.

(photo by Erin Austen Abbott)

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, the whole Splinter Creek team is grateful for family, and for the ways in which we plan and order our lives with those families at the center. We wish you a wonderful holiday with the ones you love and hope to welcome you to Splinter Creek soon.

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