July 26, 2023

6 Lots Left

Sonia Thompson

The Splinter Creek community is quickly taking shape, with new home design and construction unfolding weekly. That leaves just 6 lots currently for sale. Here is a little bit about each homesite that is still available. Which one is your favorite?

South Lake Lots
1. Blue Heron Point (lot #4, 3 acres)
The dramatic views to the lake and the opposite shoreline face east and north and water access with a pier in your private cove is only part of the appeal. Blue Heron Point incorporates a relatively flat ridge with a short trail from the main road and offers an easily accessible home site.

2. Hideout Hill (lot #31, 9.1 acres)
A private retreat on the east side of the South Lake with amazing views in a hardwood valley that feels like the mountains of North Carolina. Hideout Hill is positioned at the center of the cove and a large expanse of wooded acreage. This lot could be a hidden family retreat only viewed from the water. The site lends itself to a modern cabin in the woods with no view of neighboring house sites.

Partner's Pond - Now Sold Out!

North Lake Lots
3. Monteagle
(lot #21, 5.1 acres)
The lot sits on a high ridge above the valley floor and has 2 distinct building sites. Although it has no lake access, the location is an easy walk to the Community Porch where the owners can enjoy the North Lake and all the water amenities of Splinter Creek. Most of the site will remain natural and is the perfect setting for those who want a wooded retreat - a quiet place to work remotely, an artist studio or a writer’s modern cabin. So many choices.

4. East Ridge Place (lot #23, 4 acres)
A bird-lovers paradise, this lot offers lots of wooded land and a sliver of access to the North Lake. If you dream of a treehouse in the woods, this is the place for you. Hidden, private, with a special building site and a thruway for wildlife.

5. Cloud Rest (lot #24, 5.5 acres)
A clear view of the shoreline and plenty of wooded acreage offer several different homesite possibilities. Situate a potential house at a point 30’ above the water, and with outdoor decks, it will be the perfect place to view the North Lake. Or, site a home on the shoreline for a different experience. Cloud Rest is at the mid-point in the long fork of the lake and provides views reminiscent of the mountains to the east.

6. Hidden Cove (lot #28, 8.2 acres)
Hidden Cove features plenty of wooded acreage and offers several different homesite possibilities. Given its name, the site has a hidden cove for docks, a fishing hole, and topography second to none.

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