Our Land

Ready-To-Build Land

Splinter Creek sites offer 2-25 acre private retreats - each with its own distinctive character. Situated beneath stands of mature oak, plantation pine and lakes, ready-to-build land is primed for residents environmentally sensitive and sustainable development.

Design & Construction Principles

Each site offers a finite envelope in which to build, adhering to the Splinter Creek building codes and guidelines, preserving mature trees, native flora, and the natural landscape, and protecting neighbors from unexpected development.

Boundaries between lots are marked by natural creeks, ravines, and trees rather than by manmade measurements, fences, and barriers. Individual homesites offer privacy and seclusion, yet flow seamlessly into shared natural areas.

Architectural Guidelines

Homeowners are encouraged to create dwellings that reflect their individual tastes while complementing the natural surroundings and overall character of the community.Splinter Creek architects work within a guidelines to ensure that your investment, as well as the natural beauty and aesthetic of Splinter Creek, is always protected.

Trails & Hikes

The Splinter Creek property consists of a more than 10 miles of interconnected hiking trails. Modest inclines circumvent the spring-fed lakes, taking you through open meadow and towering pine and hardwood forest.

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